Forgiving Your Spouse

Choosing to forgive was not something I thought I would be able to do as quickly as I did. Once I let go of my anger, hurt, and resentment towards him, God gave me the ability to forgive both my husband and myself for not trying to meet the needs of our marriage. Forgiving is freeing and a breath let out that was being held in for too long. One thing about forgiveness that some people may not realize is that forgiveness is not saying you are forgetting. Yes, you still remember the things said or done by that person you forgave but you are releasing those feelings and letting God deal with your forgiven spouse. It isn’t my job to judge or point fingers. Your spouse already feels bad enough and knows they don’t deserve to be forgiven, but God gave His son away to take all our pain and sin away. No one is perfect but living God’s way is perfect.

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