The Canoe Trip

The newest book available from Nick Sash is the, “The Canoe Trip“. This is a journey down memory lane about a day on the water that changed his life.

This story tells of an unforgettable trip trip that has taught me so much even all this time later in my life. My hope is that this story will give birth to your story. May your story be as victorious as mine and be passed on for generations to come.” – Nick Sash

The Bois Brule River is a 50 mile long river in northern Wisconsin that is a popular kayak and fishing spot that draws a crowd from around the world. “The “Canoe Trip”, explored this river and it’s many classes of rapids that flow throughout it. From the Stones Bridge to the Mays Ledges, this story grabs your attention as you read about the events they encounter along the way.

It is evident that this is more than just a story of a canoeing adventure, but about the life lessons taught throughout the journey on that day.