Found On Harmony Lane Paperback Book by Nick Sash



This is a story of one man’s journey after turning his back on God, his eyes were opened to reality. This story highlights how he sought God out in his despair. It expresses the gratitude that while in his pain and suffering he so rightfully deserved, he found freedom through grace, mercy and forgiveness on the way to reconciliation. Nick Sash is a passionate communicator, songwriter, author, musician, and entrepreneur. Nick is a husband and a father, and a brother; who has a way bring the word of God to you through a creative and relevant message. His passion for life overflows into every area he is involved in. His energy gives lift to your life as you encounter God through his teachings.



Title: Found On Harmony Lane
Author: Nick Sash
ISBN: 978-1-4834-8767-0
Imprint: Lulu Publishing Services
License: All Rights Reserved – Standard Copyright License
Copyright Holder: Nick Sash
Copyright Year: 2018

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