Valentine’s Day




Each year on February 14th we rush to the store to find the perfect gift or card for a loved one. According to Hallmark, more than 163 million cards are exchanged. And not just in America. Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world in countries such as Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, France, and Australia.

Whether we are spending Valentine’s Day alone or with a significant other, the thoughts of who loves us and how we are loved tends to influence our perception of Valentine’s Day.

This day is one of romance and while it is important to share with those we love, our time and thoughts of what we love about them, it is important to give God his time too.

(1 John 4:19) We love because he first loved us.

Taking time in sharing with God our passions and the things we cherish most. Thanking Him for the love He has for us. In the midst of giving God glory for His part played in our lives, He will enhance the love we have for those around us, and for our significant other, our spouse.

A God enhanced version of love will spill over into every area of our lives, including the intimacy between us and our spouse. There is so much more room for passion to build inside our marriage when we are connected more than just physically. There is power in an emotional and spiritual connection we gain.

When we are connected, we share a wavelength that cannot be disrupted. Even in the midst of the busyness of our daily lives.

(Colossians 3:14) And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

Find time to spend this Valentine’s Day together with your spouse in reading God’s word. Let His word guide you. Pray together and enjoy the benefits of the passion God has placed in your hearts for one another.

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